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Judie Stuntz, one of our JLFA life members, John Libby online compiler for JLFA, probably has the largest collection of Libby/Libbey data. Here is how you may access her "jlibby" database of more than 245,000 Libby Descendants and spouses with an additional 2,389 parents that had two or more children that married a Libby descendant. Too, she now has more than 2,360 marriages where both spouses were Libby descendants. 

1. Go to
2. Enter YOUR oldest nonliving relative(s) that you have linked to the Libby line...just filling in the name and their spouse if known, or the name and year they were born.
3. Click SEARCH - up will appear those databases that have the name(s) that you are searching for. If there is more than one entry for the name(s) that you enter, LOOK first for the "jlibby" found in the DATABASE column on the right.
4. Then, on the left side, in the NAME column, click on the name that you entered, and you will find the additional information I have entered to date.
5. Now within my database, (or any other rootsweb database that you might want to search in), know you can move around easily in search of additional descendants OR ancestors ...
a. Know, those children listed that have a BLUE HEAD, click on their NAME to find additional descendants.
b. Click on the FATHER OR MOTHER'S NAME to see additional ancestors and their known children.
c. Searching further, you can see at a glance, additional data by clicking on DESCENDANCY, PEDIGREE, etc ... know in PEDIGREE, by after the 4 generations displayed, to go further back ... eventually all the way back to John Libby.
d. If you want to look for another Libby ancestor, click on INDEX. In the box, that lists the ancestor that you were looking at, just change the first name and click LIST. Note: all the names are listed in alphabetical order. (My own ancestors have a " * " in front of their first name.)
e. In INDEX, there is also at the top of the page A-Z. Click on any of them to find the surname you are looking for. After each surname that I have so far, it will show you how many I have with that surname. Click on the surname, and an alphabetical list will appear. Fill in the box with last, then first name, then click LIST to search that name.
Final Note: Throughout your search, by clicking on ANY blue name shown, you can find additional data on that family.  Too, the directions above apply to ANY database that you look at in Rootsweb, which she has found easiest to move around in. It's FREE to use as well.
Additions and corrections are most welcome and if you can, do send me what I have not yet included in your own line, by email or snail mail, including living names, marked as PRIVATE, without specific dates of birth..

Judith "Judie" Stuntz
1806 Grand Ave. #31,
Manitowoc, WI 54220-6356

We welcome and encourage any feedback you might have. Thank you.

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